Silhouette of a crowd at a concert with their hands raised in the air in an atmosphere of smoke machine haze lit by blue pink and yellow lights.

the camo revolution

The icons you love re-imagined as 3-Dimensional works of art

The icons you love re-imagined as 3-Dimensional works of art

A cyan, magenta, and yellow ombre logo for the brand CAMO with the words culture, art, music, originals in black typeface stacked on the right side of the logo..

In today’s world, we are flooded with a revolving door of pop culture. Few today reach the status of ICON. Those who reach this status are household names, role models, and cultural legends. These icons continue to be an influential part of our culture, even after they are gone. They symbolize freedom, define a generation, evoke emotion, question authority and influence lifestyle and art.

This is Camo.

A black and white close up abstracted render of a three dimensional layered artform.


As music lovers, the CAMOWORKS team honors our music icons at every step of the creative process. Our artists, illustrators, and industrial designers hand-draw and design each CAMO 3DLA™, (3-Dimensional Layered Artform), with precision, love, and obsessive attention to detail. Like the icons who inspire us, each piece reveals new dimensions of a layered illusion when seen from every angle.

limited edition
collectible art

Each CAMO 3DLA™ is finely crafted like a precision timepiece and assembled by hand. From concept through production, every CAMO 3DLA™ piece is authorized by the artist or their estate, then produced in limited quantities. Each officially licensed, limited edition piece is made with cutting edge craftsmanship, so it’s as satisfying to turn as it is to view.

A close up render of the base of a CAMOWORKS three dimensional layered artform.

Our Roster

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Founder, CEO and Brand Chief

Brad Beckerman

Brad Beckerman’s passion for music started as a child during the age of classic rock. Music for him has always been about the emotional connection between the artist and the fan – from how a band playing live feeds off the audience’s energy to how specific songs bring us back to powerful moments in our own lives. Brad founded CAMOWORKS to capture and evoke that bond between the fan and the artist through officially licensed collectible art.

An image of CEO and Founder Brad Beckerman with three dimensional layered artform of Bob Marley in the background